Jul 23 2019 - 06:27

Abou Faour: Pollution in Litani River amounts to degree of a national disaster

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Lebanon News
Ministry of Industry Wael Abou Faour said on Tuesday that the pollution in the Litani River “amounts to the degree of a national disaster.”
Bou Faour’s comments were made during a press conference whereby he said that he cannot deny nor confirm that such pollution can cause diseases and cancer.
“The Litani River can be a major economic resource but turned into a big burden,” he added.
Bou Faour stressed that the Ministry, along with the Litani River Authority assessed the situation and drew a plan of action under which deadlines were given to factories to put an end to the industrial damage caused to the Litani River and Qaraoun Lake.
He also reiterated that the ministry is committed to reach a zero pollution rate in the river by the end of summer.
As for the Aley incident, the minister said that those who want to use the Military Court as a shortcut for the Judicial Council are “delusional.”
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