Feb 21 2014 - 12:53

REPORT: LBCI wins the Pikasso D'or Award

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Lebanon News

On the 14th of October 2013, LBCI launched its new campaign under the slogan “A media platform for all people…how about listening to other opinions?”

Four months after launching the campaign, LBCI was among other media platforms that won the Pikasso D'or Award.

At a time when political stances in Lebanon were changing, the slogan of this campaign remained stable.

Today, neither the slogan of the campaign nor its content is different from the Lebanese scene; it has become a source of inspiration for Lebanese factions who are sitting together around the table of the national interest cabinet.

This is as LBCI’s new campaign was carried out by
M&C Saatchi advertising agency.

To watch Raneem Bou Khzam's report, please click on the VIDEO above

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