Sep 27 2021 - 04:48

National Awareness Campaign on Covid-19 Vaccine launched in Akkar-[REPORT]

The “National Awareness Campaign on Covid-19 Vaccine” was launched Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Akkar, Vaccine, Health, Covid-19,Coronavirus,The “National Awareness Campaign on Covid-19 Vaccine” was launched
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Lebanon News
The “National Awareness Campaign on Covid-19 Vaccine” was launched on Monday from the Bebnine Health Care Center in several villages in Akkar. 
This campaign was launched under the supervision of the Ministry of Health represented by Head of the Primary Health Care Department Dr. Randa Hamadeh.
This campaign was also attended by doctors and volunteers from the International Organization for Migration, which participated in transporting people wishing to take the vaccine, in addition to volunteers from the “Salamtak Medical Center”.  
Hamadeh pointed out that the campaign aims to educate those who are unable to register on the platform.
“We’re going to visit 7 villages in the area, and we will work on providing registration and vaccination in the available centers for public safety,” Hamadeh stressed.
“This is our role, to always stand by you,” she concluded by saying.
To watch the full report, please click on the video above. 
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