Mass support for LBCI following grenade attack

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2023-01-23 | 01:26
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Mass support for LBCI following grenade attack
Mass support for LBCI following grenade attack

Various politicians, political parties, religious institutions, and organizations have condemned Sunday’s grenade attack on LBCI.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati:
Following the grenade attack, Prime Minister Najib Mikati phoned Sheikh Pierre Daher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International.
Mikati assured to Daher that security investigations would be stepped up to clarify the circumstances behind the attack, and that the freedom of the responsible media will remain safeguarded and will not be intimidated by any attack.

Progressive Socialist Party's Media Commission:
The Media Commission of the Progressive Socialist Party condemned the attack on LBCI, calling on the security apparatuses and the judiciary to put an end to this repeated series of attacks on media outlets and media professionals, and to punish perpetrators, ”out of concern for a main advantage in Lebanon represented by media freedoms."
MP Ghayath Yazbeck:
For his part, MP Ghayath Yazbeck said that “the militia-like dealing with LBCI and addressing journalists with bombs and bullets reveal a lot of hidden hatred of some groups for the media. “
“It is clear that whoever hates freedom of expression hates this country, which was found to be a haven for freedom and the free. May God hasten the return of the state and the rule of law before the fall of Lebanon,” he added.
Media Secretariat of the National Liberal Party:
The attack on LBCI was also denounced by the National Liberal Party's Media Secretariat. 
In a statement, the Secretariat declared its support for press freedom “because it is one of the pillars upon which Lebanon was established.”

MP Walid Baarini:

MP Walid Baarini said that “the voice of the media was found to remain loud, resounding around the truth.”

He denounced the attack that was directed at the station, saying that, “as loud as the sound of a bomb may appear to be, it actually represents cowardice.”

MP Waddah Sadek:
MP Waddah Sadek tweeted about the attack  saying: : "A new attack is being made on media freedoms by hurling a grenade at LBCI building after the attack on Al-Jadeed TV last month."
He added that "the policy of silencing the media in Lebanon is rejected and condemned, and will be confronted."
Press Editors Syndicate:

The head of Press Editors' Syndicate Joseph Al-Kassifi denounced the attack, adding that the syndicate condemns what had happened to the station and urged the security and judicial authorities to act right away to apprehend and prosecute those responsible.

He also urged for the disclosure of the circumstances surrounding this serious incident, which was directed at one of Lebanon's most prestigious institutions and poses a threat to media freedom.

He added that violence against journalists, media professionals, and the institutions in which they work is unacceptable under any justification or reason. 
MP Farid Haykal al-Khazen:

MP Farid Haykal al-Khazen strongly condemned the attack on LBCI station.
“We kindly request that the apparatuses in charge of the investigation find and prosecute the offenders,” he added in a tweet.
MP Hassan Mrad:
MP Hassan Mrad voiced solidarity with LBCI station and its employees in the face of “the dark hands that seek to sow discord among the Lebanese.”
“LBCI has always been at the forefront of defenders of freedom and civil peace, and therefore we call on the judiciary and the security apparatuses to uncover the perpetrators,” he added. 
MP Ziad Makary:
MP Ziad Makary also tweeted about the attack.
“I strongly condemn the grenade hurled at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International by unknown assailants. I spoke with Sheikh Pierre Daher, the Corporation's chairman, and I was given assurances regarding the security of the staff,” he said.
MP William Gebran Tawk: 

The media office of MP William Gebran Tawk issued the following statement:

A despicable act that only mirrors its perpetrators is the targeting of a prestigious media institution, represented by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, with all the moral principles it upholds in support of freedoms.

The Press Club:
The Press Club condemned the "vicious attack on LBCI, the leading television station in media." 
In a statement, the club stressed that "the perpetrators will not be able to undermine media freedoms, which are the most prominent features of Lebanon."
MP Michel Moawad:
MP Michel Moawad condemned the attack against LBCI, saying that the matter has crossed the red line in targeting the media and is now endangering the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution. 
“I demand an immediate investigation that results in the arrest and uncompromising punishment of the perpetrators as well as assurances of protection for all media outlets,” he added.
Former MP Eddy Maalouf:
"The grenade hurled at LBCI "exploded" in the face of those who hurled it! The volume of denunciation and rejection of such actions and sympathy for the station had an effect of 1,000 grenades.”
The Kataeb Party:
Kataeb Leader Samy Gemayel condemned the attack against LBCI television station, expressing his solidarity with the staff of the station.
“We condemn the attack on LBCI television station that came as part of a series of restrictions on public and press freedoms in a bid to silence a political opinion or a criticize an artwork,” Gemayel tweeted.
For his part, Kataeb Lawmaker Nadim Gemayel tweeted: “The terrorist does not recognize nor respect the freedom of expression.”
Vice President of the Kataeb Party Selim Sayegh noted that LBCI television station was established to help a large segment of the Lebanese society express its opinion.
“The attempts of some to silence this television station have failed and will fail no matter how they try to do so,” Sayegh tweeted.
MP Razi al-Hajj:
MP Razi al-Hajj tweeted: "Practicing intimidation is their preferred method, and mobile grenades are nothing but a clear expression of their culture of silencing others and assassinating the other opinion."
MP Fouad Makhzoumi:
MP Fouad Makhzoumi tweeted about the attack by saying: "the attack on LBCI building is condemned and denounced.”
“It is unacceptable for media and TV stations to be attacked every time under the pretext of abuse, which, if any, can be answered by resorting to the competent court,” he added.
The Future Movement's Media Affairs Authority:
The Future Movement's Media Affairs Authority released the following statement:
The Future Movement strongly condemns the grenade attack on the headquarters of (LBCI) in Adma yesterday evening.
The Future Movement reaffirmed its solidarity with the institution and its right, as well as the right of all media outlets, to freedom of expression, away from the language of intimidation and grenades. It is important for those who use this language to understand that the only acceptable way to respond to the media is in the media's own language.
MP Said al-Asmar:
MP Said al-Asmar said that “targeting LBCI is a clear message to undermine the freedom of expression and an open attempt to silence others and spread an atmosphere of fear.”
“You have resorted to this method before and did not succeed. Freedom is a broad red line that you will not be able to erase, even with your militia-like actions that do not intimidate us,” he added.
The National Bloc :
The National Bloc said that the “attack on LBCI is a new crime against the media and a clear attempt to silence free voices in this country.” 
“Our battle to preserve public freedoms continues,” the bloc stressed. 
MP Marc Daou:

"Hurling a bomb at LBCI building is the sole expression and reaction of those who do not understand anything other than the language of intimidation and the policy of silencing others," MP Marc Daou wrote on Twitter. 
“We condemn attacks on media stations. All solidarity with the station,” he added.
MP Ibrahim Mneimneh:
MP Ibrahim Mneimneh believed that the de facto forces that permit these recurrent attacks on media outlets, from Al-Jadeed channel to LBCI, bear direct responsibility for targeting LBCI station with the intention of intimidating it.
He stressed in a tweet that the security apparatuses must carry out their duties.
MP Neamat Efrem:
Regardless of the motivation, MP Neamat Efrem stated that it is unacceptable to threaten or attack media outlets or media professionals.

Efrem strongly condemned what previously happened to al-Jadeed and yesterday to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International in a tweet.
Caretaker Minister of Industry Georges Bouchikian:
Caretaker Minister of Industry Georges Bouchikian called Daher and condemned the attack on LBCI, dubbing the station as one of Lebanon's media fortresses and castles of freedom.

“Every Lebanese and official has a duty to stand in solidarity with the station,” he stressed.

Bouchikian stressed that the concerned judicial and security apparatuses are investigating to find out the reasons behind the attack and discover the perpetrators."





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