Sep 26 2020 - 06:41

Lebanese leaders react to Adib’s resignation

Speaker Nabih said on Saturday that his group would Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Cabinet, Government, Politics,Lebanon,Speaker Nabih said on Saturday that his group would
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Lebanon News
President Michel Aoun stressed on Saturday that the French initiative launched by French President Emmanuel Macron "is still going and receives all of his support according to the principles announced by the French President."
Aoun earlier thanked Adib for his efforts and informed him of his acceptance of his resignation.
For his part, Speaker Nabih said that his group would stick to a French initiative.
"Our position is to stick to the French initiative and its content," Berri said in a statement, after a dispute over the new cabinet that centered around a demand by the Amal Movement and its ally Hezbollah to name several ministers.
Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that “anyone celebrating the failure of a French initiative to get Lebanon's fractious leaders to form a new government will regret wasting the opportunity.”
"We say to those who applaud the collapse of French President Emmanuel Macron's initiative today, that you will bite your fingers in regret," he noted in a statement.
For his part, Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab said he "wished that Adib would succeed in forming a government quickly, taking advantage of the French momentum and the internal consensus in naming the designated Premier."
"However, unfortunately, the stepping down came today as a setback and adds to the difficulties faced by Lebanon and the Lebanese," he added.
"I appeal to the French President to continue to stand by Lebanon in these difficult times, and to pursue his efforts and initiative to help Lebanon," Diab stressed.
He also noted that "political forces must refrain from practices and tensions that threaten the nation's resilience," adding that the country "is going through exceptional times that require exceptional efforts."
Diab concluded by stressing that Adib’s stepping down requires the speedy conduct of binding parliamentary consultations to assign a new person to form a government capable of dealing with the difficult times Lebanon is going through.
Prime Minister-designate Mostapha Adib quit on Saturday after trying for almost a month to line up a non-partisan cabinet, failing despite French pressure on sectarian leaders to rally together to deal with the worst crisis since a 1975-1990 civil war.
Mostapha Adib, former ambassador to Berlin, was picked on Aug. 31 to form a cabinet.
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