Oct 23 2021 - 08:09

Yassin from Akkar: Work on ration card ongoing-[VIDEO]

Yassin toured in Akkar region on Saturday with a delegation from the ministry Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Afforestation, Forest, Agriculture, Environment, Ration Card, Akkar,Lebanon,Yassin toured in Akkar region on Saturday with a delegation from the ministry
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Lebanon News
Environment Minister Nasser Yassin led on Saturday a ministry delegation on a tour on the Akkar region. He began in the town of Muhammara, inspecting the site of an oil spill in the town of Bebnine el-Abde town and listening to residents' suffering.
“For a month and a week, we have been working on several points, as there should be visits to be paid to multiple areas, and meetings with municipalities and municipalities’ unions to be held, in order to know the reality of environmental problems and especially the issue of solid waste,” the minister stated.
He also pointed out that “the ministry is trying to find solutions for these problems, or at least to prevent their aggravations, and is working on solving the solid waste issue as well as protecting forests in cooperation with the Civil Defense.”
On another note, Yassin mentioned that “the work on ration card is ongoing in order to help people even in some extent and will be distributed as soon as possible,” stressing that “he is permanently discussing with the Minister of Agriculture to find out methods of afforestation and to take care of forests, agricultural and environmental wealth under the supervision of municipalities.”
He visited then the Municipality of Qobayat in the heights of Akkar, and toured forests that witnessed summer wildfires.
To watch the video, please click on the image above. 
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