Dec 06 2012 - 12:00

Sakr reveals complete recordings related to his involvement in the Syrian crisis

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MP Okab Sakr held a press conference today at noon from Istanbul, whereby he explained the political and informative roles he is playing to support the Syrian revolution. He also tackled the latest leaked recordings that reveal his true role in those regards.

In this context, MP Sakr criticized the regime and the Syrian parliament that said that they will be taking legal action against him and stated: "I am glad that for the first time the Syrian regime will be resorting to the law to confront me, I dare the regime to abide by the law."

"The recordings depicting my voice, photos and videos were "stolen" from my office and "they" now hold them as proof," he added. Sakr also revealed that 500 minutes of recording were stolen.

Sakr then criticized the Syrian state TV when it broadcasted that he was killed, which "shows that they are trying to mislead public opinion."

Before diffusing the recordings Sakr said: "These recordings are a scandal, and now we will listen to the real unaltered tapes."

In the recordings, Sakr is depicted as saying that he would not and is incapable of providing arms to the person on the other end of the line. The two had been negotiating on the release of the Lebanese hostages being held in Aleppo's Aazaz.

"It is completely absurd that those who stole the recordings did not think that we would keep the master versions. They edited the tapes and thought we would be so gullible as to not have the original versions. Such are their intentions, such is their ill intent," Sakr stated.

"Where is their dignity?" he asked. He added that he would be providing the media with the complete recordings as to dare media outlets to tell the truth,  "the entire truth," as per his words.

"Yes I am guilty of providing milk for infants and blankets for the displaced. Guilty as charged, let them prosecute me!" Sakr exclaimed adding that those who are accusing him are liars and fabricators of truth.

He went on to accuse the media as being involved in depicting lies and being complicit in political assassinations.

"They said that one of the voices on the recordings was that of former PM Saad Hariri when sound and voice experts said that this was false. The voice on the recording belongs to that of the FSA spokesman Lo'ay Mokdad. The media insisted however on portraying the lie, even going so far as saying that it was indisputable that it was Saad Hariri's voice on the recording," Sakr said.

Sakr continued, saying that he had contacted media outlets telling them that yes he was involved, "I fooled you all with your lies so that you would continue drowning. I watched you all go down from a hotel room and not from a military operation room," he said.

"I did all this so I can reveal how a political assassination is prepared and how the road is paved in this regard."

Referring to an interview he had done with Paula Yaacoubian, Sakr said that he had staged his answers and even his body language so that the interview would be sliced and edited in a provocative manor by "rival" media outlets.

"They completely fell for it!" he said. He added, "that the media had said that I was paying Abou Ibrahim a monthly fee of $50,000. This is also a fallacy, I paid him once to cover the food expenses of the Lebanese detainees in Aleppo."

Addressing the person responsible for leaking the tapes, Sakr said: "I have never seen a liar as big as you are, yet you are small and without worth."

Addressing MP Michel Aoun, he said, "you are with the chair, you worship "power" this is your role and your size. You have replaced Christ with Bachar [Assad]."

To the party responsible for the "scandal" he said: "You have lost all your credibility, you are puppets on a black comedy stage."

"Three groups were sent to Turkey to conduct an operation against me, precipitated by a hefty media charade," he added. "If you think that by broadcasting a false tape that you would be rid of me and Saad Hariri, you are wrong, you would need an explosion as big as the one used in late Brig. Gen. Wissam Hassan's assassination."

Replying to questions regarding the validity of the tapes presented Sakr said that all the tapes can be subject to laboratory testing for legitimacy.

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