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Corruption in Lebanon

LBCI news team reports about corruption in Lebanon

Corruption in Lebanon

When we talk about corruption in Lebanon, we don't mean a specific party or a specific political figure

Jun 08 2021
Corruption in Lebanon

Every country deploys extraordinary efforts in order

Jun 07 2021

News Bulletin Reports

Lebanon News Bulletin Reports, video reports and features about local and world events

News Bulletin Reports

6000 is the number of Lebanese who dealt with Israel during the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, which ended in 2000.

News Bulletin Reports

In the draft budget for the year 2022, there were first time measures, most notably granting the Minister of Finance exceptional powers

News Bulletin Reports

Even if he hasn’t made it official yet, but former PM Saad Hariri’s decision has become almost a foregone conclusion


Lebanon Financial Crisis

Contributions by Lebanese financial experts

Lebanon Financial Crisis

The Cabinet session will discuss on Monday, January 24, 2022 the draft Budget for the year 2022

Jan 21 2022
Lebanon Financial Crisis

Lebanese cancer patients continue to face a shortage of cancer drugs

Jan 20 2022
Lebanon Financial Crisis

A session for the National Economy, Trade, Industry and Planning Committee was held on Thursday

Jan 20 2022
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