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Sunday May. 20
Nharkom Said
Nharkom Said
  • Tango is a new TV series depicting a new and different story showcasing the trilogy of “love, betrayal and revenge.” The series, which has a high production budget, is written by Iyad Abou al-Shamat and directed by Rami Hanna.
  • Lebanese actress Maguy Bou Ghosn returns to the screen during the holy month of Ramadan in a new TV series co-starring Syrian actor Qays Sheikh Najib. The duo is set for a new success within the events of the new romantic comedy show “Julia”.
  • Nora is a very beautiful lady who hails from an aristocratic family. She lives under the authority of her mother who is caught up in money and appearances. Nora is in love with Rami, who does not dare to face her parents because of his inability to marry her due to economic reasons. Meanwhile, Rakan falls for Nora and tries his best to win her heart.
  • Bassem Moughnieh and Carole El Hajj will return to the screen in a new Lebanese drama series “Kol El Hob Kol El Gharam.” The story’s events take place between the years 1914 and 1943, within a romantic, social and national setting related to the main events that marked Lebanon’s history during this era.
  • Al Sadma
  • Tha2r Al Ikhwa
  • Jousour wal Jamila
  • The events of the 9th season of “Bab al-Hara” revolve around the French Mandate imposing restrictions on the residents of the neighborhood, as well as the deterioration of the economic situation due to rise in prices.
  • A gypsy comedy revolving around the Tawarid tribe that found and raised two lost kids thirty years earlier. Now all grown up, the two kids discover that they are the breastfeeding siblings of all of the tribe’s women and thus banned from marrying any of them.
  • AlHaram series tells the story of Laura (Joelle Dagher) and her husband Adam (Wissam Hanna) who is the ex fianc of her friend Alice (Reine Achkar) and highlights a past of secret affairs, love of money and complex relationships.
  • Sawa is a drama series starring Aimee Sayah (Tara) who loses her fiance Abdel Menhem Amayri (Ziad) before their wedding and falls in love with his brother Youssef El Khal (Imad)
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